Plavate is now Amala Design House

Welcome to Amala Design House, a harmonious blend of fashion and sustainability. Derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for "purity," Amala is a celebration of contemporary aesthetics coming together with timeless techniques. We hand-weave our own textile to offer you artisanal clothing that bears our signature minimal styling. For us, Amala is more than a brand; it's a philosophy, an embodiment of purity
in both style and purpose. Experience fashion with a conscience and redefine your wardrobe with Amala.

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What our clients say

Aiana J
in the last week

Most beautiful clothes made in handwoven fabrics , never have I worn Amala Design house outfit and not been complimented . The styles are timeless and I can’t stop adding more outfits by them to my collection

Anushka Sawant
8 months ago

Started working with The Plavate as an assistant Textile designer in 2021 and I must say that my experience working with the brand has been exceptional. The company has a strong focus on design and aesthetics. As a designer, it's incredibly fulfilling to work for a company that values your skillset, foster creativity and encourage new ideas. I've always felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions, my ideas are always considered and respected. The team is made up of highly talented professionals who are passionate about their work, and it's truly inspiring to be surrounded by such motivated individuals. Overall, my experience working for The Plavate has been fantastic. The focus on design, collaborative work culture, access to resources, and investment in employee growth all makes it an excellent company for designers to work for. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fulfilling career in design:)

7 months ago

As always as an online shopper I was skeptical about ordering with them. I was very excited when I received the eco friendly package. Which made me love the brand more. The fit , the fabric , the quality just blew my mind. Wouldn’t lie if I told that I haven’t worn anything more comfortable. Can’t wait to order more from you guys.

Dolly Tayal
a year ago

I do shop a lot online from mainly Indian designers but even now when you place your first order you have always have this anxiety and excitement of it will turn out. I must say Palavate pleasantly surprised me with the quality of its dresses - from amazing skin friendly fabric to absolutely stunning fit and design … I fully endorse this brand … and to top it the order process and the friendliness of the brand gets a big thumbs up

sangeeta jindal
a year ago

The ordering process was very smooth. I also got a discount for ordering online . My daughter loves the dress, it is soooo soft and weightless that it felt like air. I highly recommend the brand .