Plavate is now Amala

Welcome to Amala, a harmonious blend of fashion and sustainability. Derived from the ancient
Sanskrit word for "purity," Amala is a celebration of contemporary aesthetics coming together with timeless techniques. We hand-weave our own textile to offer you artisanal clothing that bears our signature minimal styling. For us, Amala is more than a brand; it's a philosophy, an embodiment of purity
in both style and purpose. Experience fashion with a conscience and redefine your wardrobe with Amala.

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  • As always as an online shopper I was skeptical about ordering with them. I was very excited when I received the eco friendly package. Which made me love the brand more. The fit, the fabric, the quality just blew my mind. Wouldn’t lie if I told that I haven’t worn anything more comfortable. Can’t wait to order more from you guys. - Samyuktha, Tirupur
  • I do shop a lot online from mainly Indian designers but even now when you place your first order you have always have this anxiety and excitement of it will turn out. I must say Plavate pleasantly surprised me with the quality of its dresses - from amazing skin friendly fabric to absolutely stunning fit and design. I fully endorse this brand … and to top it the order process and the friendliness of the brand gets a big thumbs up. - Dolly, Delhi
  • The ordering process was very smooth. I also got a discount for ordering online. My daughter loves the dress, it is soooo soft and weightless that it felt like air. I highly recommend the brand. - Sangeeta, Delhi
  • The clothes are extremely comfortable and beautiful. The colors, patters and fabrics are all stunning!!! I highly recommend. - Pragya, Delhi
  • Dresses and shirts arrived today. They are stunning. - Susan, Olley Court, Ridgefield, USA
  • Your work is impeccable. - Erin, USA