The Journey of a Garment

All our garments are a result of the choices made in its long journey to the stores. Take for example, the yarn that we use. The craftsmen and women who make our gorgeous yarn choose to make the yarn with their own gifted hands. No machines will do. Next, this yarn is dyed in the colours that you so love. By dyers who choose sustainable and clean colours made from Azo-free dyes and natural colouring agents. Our yarn is now ready to go into the loom. This is where the magic starts to happen. Working closely with our textile designers, the shapes and designs of the fabric begin to take shape. Here too, a choice is made. We choose to weave our fabric in the most traditional and old-school way. While our textile designs are modern, it is the handwoven techniques thousands of years old that bring it to life. This method gives the fabric its individuality. Each batch of fabric is handmade and does not come off a mill.

35 to 40 days have passed in this process. This is when the fabric reaches our production unit. This truly is slow fashion. Now, in the hands of our production unit, the fabric slowly transforms into a garment. While it is easier to mass produce clothes, we choose not to do so. All our garments are made-to-order to reduce wastage. Each of our garments is handled with the same attention to detail. From precision hand cutting done by our Master tailor to the gorgeous hand-hemming done by our team, to the minimal yet detailed embroidery on our garments. Everyone works towards our one goal. Impeccable craft and quality. So much so, that we encourage our clients to turn our garments inside-out to appreciate the small details. Even in places most wouldn’t care to look at. This, again, is a choice we make. Not to take the easy way out. Dear buyer. Every time you look at our designs, remember all the choices which brought this gorgeous garment to your hands. Each of those choices made the world we live in a little more liveable. And if you choose to buy from us, a big thank you to you.
You make all those choices worth it.

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